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Pennsylvania Liability Auto Insurance – What You Need To Know

Like many states, it is required by state law for drivers to have Pennsylvania liability insurance to be behind the wheel of a currently registered car. Liability insurance is a driver’s proof that he or she is taking financial responsibility for potential damage caused in an accident. It covers the damage they may cause if they are the driver who is deemed at fault in the collision. The importance of liability insurance is that this basic amount of an auto policy covers property damage or injuries and medical expenses that result from an accident you cause.

Things to Know About the Pennsylvania Liability Insurance Laws

Too many drivers take the risk of driving without any car insurance policy in place. Every state in the country except for one requires drivers to have some type of insurance policy in order to drive legally. If you are a Pennsylvania resident or have recently relocated to the state and need your new driver’s license you should be aware of what is required from you legally. By doing this you can avoid tickets, fines or even the possibility of losing your license.

Some other things to know are: Pennsylvania Liability Insurance

  • As a licensed Pennsylvania state driver, you cannot have a lapse in your insurance policy coverage that exceeds 31 days. If this should occur, the result will be a suspension of your vehicle registration for a period of three months. The only way to avoid being penalized by the state of Pennsylvania for this lapse is if you can prove the registered vehicle was not operated during the brief break in coverage. Failure to prove this will result in a three-month suspension of your driver’s license as well.
  • Auto insurance policy providers are required by law to notify the state in the event that an insurance policy is canceled. If you obtain new Pennsylvania liability auto insurance it is your responsibility to provide the state with new proof of insurance to avoid losing your legal vehicle registration and driver’s license.
  • There are of course exceptions including instances where the plate has been stolen, the vehicle has changed hands or the driver acquires a different vehicle that he or she legally registers. To find out more about the details for maintaining Pennsylvania liability car insurance check with the state’s website or the local Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure you meet the required guidelines.

Learning About the State Requirements

Each state that requires its drivers to carry liability car insurance has a different required minimum coverage. There is a minimal amount needed for medical bills per person involved in an accident, minimum required for all potential medical expenses per accident and a set amount for property damage.

This amount can change so be sure your current auto insurance policy meets these state requirements. This is especially true if you are a new registered driver to the state. Get the coverage you want at the premiums you want by simply using your Pennsylvania zip code. Get quotes for your Pennsylvania liability insurance policy and get the protection you need.