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Ohio Liability Auto Insurance Coverage

Learn About Ohio Car Insurance Liability Coverage

Ohio car insurance liability coverage is important to have intact in order to prevent legal and financial troubles. Ohio is a state that absolutely requires drivers to have auto insurance in order to be behind the wheel of a vehicle in the state. It is also illegal for you to allow someone else to drive your vehicle without having insurance in place. This also includes making sure you have your proof of Ohio car insurance liability coverage with you at all times.

As to be expected, each state has different requirements when it comes to auto insurance coverage. Meeting these requirements is the best way to ensure you are a legal driver on the state roads. This also helps you avoid legal troubles and financial burdens by lacking the coverage you need. It is important that you understand what it is that is required of you to drive legally in the state of Ohio.

About the Penalties for Lacking Ohio Liability Insurance

Drivers who take the risk of driving without the required state minimum could be in danger of suffering different penalties. These could include: Learn About Ohio Car Insurance Liability Coverage

  • Without Ohio car insurance liability coverage, you could lose your driving privileges for at least 90 days with a possible maximum of two years. Even if you are in the process of getting insurance the Registrar of Motor Vehicles could penalize you in this manner. You may also end up losing your license plate as well as have your vehicle registration suspended.
  • In addition to other potential fines and penalties, you could be forced to pay several different fees in relation to surrendering your license, plates and registrations. Not to mention, you will also be looking at paying fees for having these same items reinstated by the state of Ohio.
  • Failure to meet the requirements of Ohio auto liability insurance or be able to demonstrate proof of this can also cause a driver to be forced to obtain SR22 insurance for a period of three to five years. This alone can be a hassle for any driver to deal with.

About SR22 Insurance

If you fail to retain the minimum required Ohio car liability insurance or be able to show proof of such coverage, you could face several obstacles. This includes the potential of being faced with having to get SR22 car insurance. If you have never had SR22 insurance you should know something about it because it will make meeting the requirements for Ohio liability insurance seem that much easier and more affordable.

SR22 insurance is a type of insurance drivers who are deemed “high risk” must carry. There are various reasons a driver may be put into this classification including driving without having Ohio auto liability insurance. During this time your driver’s license, registration and tag will be under suspension and you may not drive legally.

SR22 Ohio insurance is a form that must be completed by a car insurance policy provider. The form guarantees the state that the driver has obtained current car insurance. The form is then submitted to the state for approval.

If you are approved for having your driver’s license, tag and registration reinstated the state will allow you to do so. This process of course will also cost more fees. Eventually you will be permitted to drive again legally.

You must retain the SR22 Ohio car insurance for a certain amount of time or face further legal and financial penalties. The minimum amount of time a driver must have their SR22 car insurance is three years or it can be as long as five years. Any lapse in your policy will cause the policy to be canceled, the state to be notified and you will more than likely lose your Ohio driver’s license, car registration and tag until you repeat the process.

Proving Your Financial Responsibility

In instances where you do have your Ohio car insurance liability coverage but cannot provide the proof you may still be able to satisfy the states requirements without more fines and legal actions. For instance, if you are able to send a copy of your proof of insurance when you send in your fine you may avoid more troubles. You may also be able to simply bring your proof to court when appearing for traffic court. Either way you must have your insurance.

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