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Michigan Liability Auto Insurance

Part of getting your Michigan liability car insurance quotes is knowing more about the state guidelines for this type of insurance. It may also be important to make sure you are not in a classification which requires you to have more than the Michigan state minimum. Before signing up for your first or new car insurance policy it is crucial for you to have a clear understanding of what you must have.

If you are a new driver or have recently relocated to the state of Michigan, you must make sure you are aware of what is required by law. You must also make sure there are no further expectations of you as a driver based on your driving history or other situations. A common mistake drivers make is settling for Michigan car liability insurance when they actually need more than that.

Michigan as a No Fault State

Only some states require No Fault insurance as part of the state requirements. For Michigan car liability insurance, this is a minimum guideline. Some key points about your Michigan liability insurance:

  • In order to obtain your license plates for your vehicle in the state of Michigan you must have the minimum no fault Michigan auto liability insurance policy in place. You must understand that it is illegal to drive your car without No Fault insurance as a registered Michigan driver.
  • If you are caught driving without the mandatory Michigan liability insurance policy coverage including No Fault you will be subject to a variety of penalties and fines. You may even lose your driver’s license. This in turn would make it necessary for you to obtain SR22 car insurance for high-risk drivers.
  • If you have recently relocated to the state, it is crucial that you learn what is required of you as a driver in the state. It is important that you get your license and insurance in order as quickly as possible.

What is No Fault Insurance

As a driver in the state of Michigan, your Michigan car liability insurance minimum requirements include the need for a No Fault policy. If you have never lived in a state that requires No Fault coverage or are obtaining your policy for the first time you may be wondering what No Fault insurance even is.

No Fault insurance for Michigan is a policy in which both sides are covered as far as medical expenses go, regardless of who is at fault. Though the required guidelines vary state from state to state you can also add additional coverage to your No Fault policy.

The main purpose behind No Fault coverage is to make sure all injured parties involved can receive the medical treatment needed without waiting to settle insurance. However, for Michigan’s minimum requirements your own vehicle repairs will not be covered. You can add this to your policy to ensure that you have your medical and vehicular expenses covered in an accident regardless of who is at fault.

Michigan liability car insurance requirements for No Fault coverage include three main parts of minimums to be satisfied. These amounts vary from state to state. Therefore, it is important to make sure if you have recently relocated that you adjust your policy to reflect this. The minimum amounts for the state of Michigan can also change at any time and it is vital that you check with current rates through the state website or your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Presently the bare minimum for Michigan No Fault car insurance is $20,000 for injury or death as the result of an accident, $40,000 total for each accident pertaining to medical coverage and $10,000 for property damage.

Keep in mind you may wish to purchase additional Michigan liability car insurance coverage and have your amounts at a higher amount. Doing this can help you ever having to worry about paying for expenses due to a collision from your own pocket.

What About Other Insurance?

You are now aware that the minimum amount of Michigan auto liability insurance includes No Fault car insurance. The main thing a driver must do to be behind the wheel legally is satisfy the state minimum requirements to drive legally. Aside from that, there may be other instances when you need additional car insurance policy coverage above and beyond liability and no fault.

The other main thing to make sure that is covered is the amount required by your lender if you are paying for your vehicle through a car loan. If you do not have the minimum policy in place, you are running the risk of being held responsible for damages to your financed vehicle out of your own pocket. In addition, your lender may tack on their coverage to fill in the gaps. This coverage can end up overly expensive, be added to the end of the loan and you may not even be aware of it until you think you are making your last car loan payment.

Other types of insurance you may want to consider include collision, comprehensive and gap just to name a few.

  • As the name implies collision is insurance you can have to cover yourself and anyone you hit for an accident that will cover both your medical and vehicle expenses in addition to the others involved.
  • Comprehensive takes care of things that can harm your vehicle aside from a collision. This is what you should get to protect your car against fire, floods, storms and even theft.
  • Gap coverage is generally what people get to make sure their brand new financed car is covered for more than the value. When you get a new car the value is worth less than the loan and gap coverage is what pays that difference should the car be totaled out or stolen.

To make sure you are getting all of the coverage you need you can get quotes with as little information as just your zip code. Get your Michigan car liability insurance policy quotes today to begin making smart policy choices.