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Skipping Auto Liability Insurance Could Come with Great Consequences

Skipping Auto Liability Insurance Could Come with Great Consequences

If you have been holding out getting an auto liability insurance policy in place, it is time to stop procrastinating. If you have been putting off driving because you do not think cheap liability auto insurance could exist, it is because you have not yet bothered to get free quotes from insurance companies competing to get your business. Skipping Auto Liability Insurance Could Come with Great Consequences

However, if you are running the risk of not having insurance and are currently operating an automobile on a regular basis, you could end up with more problems that you can imagine. The two biggest problems that can arise from driving without even the minimum auto liability insurance policy in place are:

  1. Accruing bills related to an accident that you cannot afford
  2. Suffering serious fines and legal penalties

In fact, the only US state that does not require even liability insurance is the state of New Hampshire. Otherwise you must have liability auto insurance as a driver or you could be facing dire consequences. As far as expenses it is crucial to realize that if you have an accident it is not just your car that you may have to shell out money for.

You may also have expenses from:

  • Your own injuries and medical bills including surgeries, hospital stays and even follow up treatments such as physical therapy unless you have health insurance.
  • The cost of another driver’s automobile repairs or possibly even replacement.
  • The cost of damage to personal or public property. This could include a mailbox or a street sign.
  • The medical bills for injuries that other drivers or passengers suffer.

Taking It State to State

One important reason for getting your auto liability insurance quotes is that it differs from state to state. The minimum amounts for things such as:

  • bodily injury liability amounts
  • property damage
  • the state law minimum for general insurance

You can find out on your own by contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles, looking online or even by speaking with an agent from whichever auto liability insurance provider you opt to go with. Keep in mind these numbers are for a policy to cover you when you are in an accident that is deemed your fault.

Some drivers choose to take a gamble and drive without even liability insurance. Another risk is that if you have an accident that is not your fault, you may actually be penalized anyway for being caught by your state for driving without the minimum in place. In some instances, especially in states that require drivers to carry “no fault” insurance coverage, you may not even have any coverage by the other, responsible driver.

Don’t take a gamble when it comes to having the proper kind and amount of liability auto insurance in place. All it takes is a zip code and you can be on your way to comparing affordable rates on auto liability insurance rates and get yourself covered as a legal driver as soon as today.