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How Much Is Liability Insurance for a Car?

how much is liability insurance for a car

If you are wondering “how much is liability insurance for a car?” it probably means you are in the market for a new policy or you are comparing rates with the current policy provider premiums you already have in place. There are many common questions that arise when someone is shopping around for car insurance, especially liability insurance. So, to help have it all make sense here are answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

how much is liability insurance for a car

  • How much is liability insurance for a car? There is no flat rate that can be quoted for liability auto insurance because so much of it depends on variable factors. For example, the very state you live in plays a big part in deciding your rates because different states require different minimum amounts. Not only that but your liability costs could even vary based on your zip code. You can try doing further research on the average liability car insurance costs per state, but will probably have better luck simply using your zip code to get free liability car insurance quotes.
  • What does liability car insurance cover?  Liability is the most basic auto insurance coverage you can get. In many states there is a required minimum of this to drive legally. If you are the at fault driver in a collision, your liability insurance will cover medical and property damages you cause, up to a certain amount. Keep in mind if you live in a state that requires liability auto insurance coverage and are caught driving without it, you could receive serious fines and penalties.
  • What does the breakdown for liability coverage mean? Usually when you see the numerical breakdown for your state’s minimum liability insurance it will look like this: 25/45/20. What the first number means is that your coverage includes a maximum of $25,000 per person for medical or injury expenses. The second number is what your insurance will pay for total medical expenses in the event of an accident in which you are at fault and in this case would be $45,000. The last number is for the total amount the car insurance company will be liable for when it comes to personal property damages, and for this example would be $20,000.
  • What happens if damages exceed the amount of coverage I have? This can be very bad news. While it is important to have at least the state minimum of liability insurance to drive legally, it is an even better idea to have more than this. The reason is for every dollar above the maximum you carry, you are still financially responsible for this. So using the same numerical example, if single person ends up with medical bills over $25,000, if the total for combined injured parties’ medical expenses exceed $45,000 or personal property damages cross over the $20,000 threshold, the remaining balance is still yours to cover. Yes, this means you would have to pay it from your own pocket.
  • What other types of insurance policies are there? When it comes to protecting yourself on the roads these days, the more coverage you have the better, in most cases. If you are auto insurance shopping you will probably see other terms in addition to liability insurance such as no fault insurance, PIP or Personal Injury Protection, collision, full coverage, comprehensive, SR22 insurance, uninsured motorist, non owners coverage and gap policies as well as others.
  • Is liability car insurance all I need? This can be difficult to determine. While it is better to have too much coverage than not enough, you also do not want to pay for coverage that does nothing for you. For example if you have a beater car that is not worth insuring and you have your own health insurance, then liability may be plenty. On the other hand, if you have a financed car or the paid off vehicle you drive is worth some value you may want or be required to cover more insurance. Also if you do not have health insurance coverage, you have to be realistic about how you would cover your medical bills in the event of an accident.

Now, want to know how to get the cheapest rates possible for liability car insurance premiums? The answer is simple. By using just your zip code you can get quotes from auto insurance policy providers competing for your business. Find out “how much is liability insurance for a car” firsthand from the carriers themselves.