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Liability Auto Insurance in California

If you live in the state of California, you may want to read this as it is important to learn about auto coverage.

The state of California can be such a fun drive, checking out every nook of what it has to offer from the beautiful beaches to the wild nightly entertainment in San Francisco and Los Angles, but what happens when you get hit by another car? Is it your fault? Where do you turn? All of these questions can be frustrating, but easily answered.

There are many auto insurance groups in the state of California alone. They range from well known ones to local ones right down your street. But how do you figure out who to go with? The first thing that you ask yourself is how much for liability.

  • Liability – First you need to define what liability really is. In simple terms, all it is covering someone else’s losses. That doesn’t sound like something that you would need, but you would be surprised. If and when you get into an accident it may be technically your fault.  No one likes to think that it will happen to them, but it does and all too often. So don’t feel that putting liability as part of your auto coverage means that you’re a bad driver because you’re not. All it does is add an extra measure of protection onto your existing policy.
  • Cost and Features – Liability does not stop at just covering someone else’s belongings. It does so much more to make sure you’re safe. As for the cost, you won’t have to sweat the small stuff as it runs very low. Each provider has a set cost for what they would charge. You have to do research and see which ones could end up benefiting you. Besides general liability there are two other kinds. The first ones acts just like the original liability but it also covers businesses. Yes, to answer your question, traditional liability does not cover businesses because they are their own separate entity. The second type is called D & O this stands for directors and officers. What this type does is covers any director or officer who serves in the military. If at any time an accident occurs and you hold this type of position you will be covered by adding this onto your insurance.
  • What Else Does Liability Cover? That’s a great question because liability does, in fact, cover more than the other person; it also covers you. That’s what is called physical injury liability. It’s the most basic and most carried policy. So if you’re involved in an accident, this will cover the other person. This is a good thing because it prevents money from coming out of your pocket.

Property damage is the other thing that it protects from coming out of your pocket. For a few dollars a month, you can have the protection of liability and a shield from having to pay for someone else’s property.